Christmas Gift Guide For Book Lovers

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Every year I do a wee post with some Christmas gift ideas for book lovers. I know it’s still mid-November and some of you might not be thinking about the holiday season yet, but at least one of the items I’m going to recommend is limited in quantity so I thought it best to get this post out!

Signed Books

Let’s start with that limited item then – V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic Collector’s Edition.

ADSOM Collector

Forbidden Planet have SIGNED copies of the UK version. There are only 200 copies of this signed, special edition. I have my copy and it’s stunning! I believe all of the first edition US special editions are signed but this signed, numbered copy is perfect for Schwab fans!

Next, I have to mention Jen Campbell.

The Beginning of

Jen will sign, dedicate and even wrap her books for you! I posted a mini-review of her short stories collection, The Beginning of the World In The Middle of the Night, recently – it would make a gorgeous Christmas gift! Just order on Jen’s website!

In that same post, I gushed about Leigh Bardugo’s The Language of Thorns.

The Language of Thorns

Waterstones still have some signed copies available however they are in-store only. You can check on their website to see if your local store has a copy though. I had a nosey and there are definitely some still strewn across the country.


I haven’t read this book yet, but, if you have someone in your life who loved The Martian, Waterstones have signed copies of Andy Weir’s new book Artemis available. UPDATE – these are now Click and Collect only, so check to see if your local store has a copy.

One of my favourite items to give (and receive) over the past few years has been the illustrated copies of Harry Potter. The latest edition, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released last month and Foyles still have some signed first editions available (note this is signed by the illustrator Jim Kay, not JK Rowling).

HP 3 signed

I think they make beautiful gifts for young and old alike! They are stunning books and well worth collecting.

If you’re not so sure what signed book your loved one would like, may I recommend a voucher from Goldsboro Books?


I’ve had several books from them, and receiving a parcel from them feels so special. They often offer exclusive editions as well as specialising in signed first editions and have a Book of the Month service, so a GB voucher is the perfect gift for book collectors in your life!


It’s no secret that I love Illumicrate, the quarterly book subscription box. I’ve been signed up since the first box (you can see all of my unboxings here). So, obviously, I think an Illumicrate subscription would make a fantastic present!

FullSizeRender (11)

However, Daphne has a special, limited edition box lined up for January…

It’s The Howler Edition, curated and inspired by Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy. You could buy this one-off box for a loved one, give them a voucher telling them they are getting one for Christmas and eke out the festivities when their box arrives in January.

Sticking with the subscription box theme, there’s still time to order the December box from Book Box Club.

The theme is Winter Fairytales and will feature TWO books. I have a sneaky suspicion I know what they are and, having read one of them, I can tell you that they will make the perfect gift!! The December box will be the first box I’ve received from them so I can’t tell you much about them, but if you want to find out what their previous boxes have included you can find them here.

A final subscription idea, Fairyloot. The December edition of Fairyloot has sold out, but you could buy a loved one a subscription starting from January.


It’s a while since I’ve managed to snag a Fairyloot box but you can find my previous unboxings here.

Bookish Goodies

My sister gave me a beautiful tote bag from Fable and Black for my birthday and I love it!

Since then I’ve been lusting over their shop and considering some Christmas purchases. They have some gorgeous items, something for everyone!

Sticking with Etsy stores, I was first introduced to Nutmeg and Arlo when they appeared in an Illumicrate box a few months ago. We received a “swish and flick” keyring which I love and use every day!


The site is full of cute gifts – possibly my favourites are her Game of Thrones pins though!

My final recommendation is, of course, for bookish candles. This year’s suggestion is Book and Nook, a company I used earlier in the year. I received one of their monthly boxes to celebrate the publication of ACOWAR.

Sadly I don’t have a post on it, but I loved all of the scents! I’ve been savouring them and am nearly finished burning my last candle from the box.

So there’s my wee 2017 Christmas gift guide for you! I hope you’ve found it useful. If you’re interested in perusing last year’s guide you can find it here.  Happy gifting!

What are your gift suggestions for book lovers?

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2016 in Christmas


Christmas Gift Guide

December 14, 2016 in Christmas, Gifts

I’m somewhat late with my gift guide this year, but it’s finally here! Hopefully, this will help you out if you are struggling for those last minute gift ideas. I have some fab ideas to share with you, to suit a range of budgets!


For the book lover…


I think signed books make a great gift.  Last year I posted about places online to get your hands on signed books, so rather than repeating it, you can find the post here.

For the candle-loving bookworm…


Large jars £8.95

I’m a huge candle fan, our house is full of them. Recently, I’ve added some bookish candles to my collection. Don’t know what I mean? Well, they are candles designed to smell like your favourite book settings or characters. Meraki Candles are the only ones I’ve tried so far but I’ve loved every one of them!

For the stationery fan…


£11.79 at Hive

My sister gave me a 5 year Q&A a day journal a few years ago and it’s so much fun. It’s great to go back each year and see what you wrote in previous years! You can find one here.

For the jewellery lover


source                  £28 at Kate Spade

Mum bought her friend this gorgeous Kate Spade Heart of Gold bangle a couple of years ago. Personally, I think it makes a lovely gift.

For the book lover (part two)…


Illumicrate – £29.99 / quarter                                                    Fairyloot – £26 / month

You all know how much I love a good bookish subscription service. A subscription to one would make a fantastic gift. I subscribe to Illumicrate which is a quarterly service at £29.99 / cycle. I also like to treat myself to one off Fairyloot purchases, but you can opt for a monthly subscription for £26 /month plus shipping. I have a couple of unboxing posts coming soon, but you can find my unboxings to date here.

For the beauty lover…


FOREO Luna Mini – £85

A couple of years ago I spent my Christmas money on FOREO Luna Mini and I’ve never looked back. This wee gadget is fantastic for skincare. FOREO actually have a huge range available now. They aren’t cheap, but they last and you don’t have to buy replacement heads or anything like you do with other skincare devices.

For the music lover…

currently £169

currently £169

Full disclosure as always, Electric Jukebox sent us one of their devices for consideration, but I wouldn’t share it with you if I wasn’t impressed. In fact, my Dad was round yesterday and he was in awe at this wee device. So what is it? It’s a product that turns your tv into a jukebox! There’s a wee dongle you plug into an HDMI slot, a Wii-like remote control and millions of songs. It was so simple to set up, you just need wifi! You get a year’s music pass with the product which entitles you to unlimited streaming (thereafter it’s £52/year).

I was showing Dad, demonstrating the voice search for Otis Redding and the ready-made playlists. He was impressed but he wouldn’t be convinced until I searched for Bing Crosby singing Tobermory Bay! Lo and behold, it popped up. So he started naming other searches – Bobby MacLeod, Trail West < can you see the kind of music my father likes? It had them all, it even has my sister’s partner’s debut single with his new band Tide Lines! Truth be told, even I was impressed by that.

TIde Lines!

Tide Lines! (excuse the poor quality photo)

Electric Jukebox are currently offering £10 off and free next day delivery on their website.

What about stocking fillers?

source £3.99

source £3.99

Yoda 3D Ear Socks?


source £3.99

No words needed! Find it here.


source - from £1.30

source – from £1.30

My favourite peppermint tea.

source £6

source   £6

No gift guide would be complete without Tobermory Chocolate!

Happy shopping!!

Full disclosure as always. None of the links provided are affiliate links. We’ve not been asked to talk about any of these products, however Electric Jukebox did send us a complimentary product for consideration. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2015 in Christmas

Merry Christmas

Resource Roundup: Christmas With Chronic Illness

December 21, 2015 in Christmas, Personal

I’ve recently been reading some advice on “surviving” the festive season when you have a chronic illness. I decided that, rather than keeping it all to myself, I’d share a bunch of links here in case you are wondering how you are going to manage over the next couple of weeks.

how are you-

I don’t know about you but I run out of answers to the question “how are you?” – you don’t want to lie and say “fine thanks”, equally you don’t want to moan or dampen the festive mood. Chronic Babe have an article 100 Ways To Answer The Question “How Are You?” so there should be some ideas in there for you!

I’ve also found this post on how to field the inevitable questions quite useful. Sometimes you just don’t want to use your energy to talk about your illness, so this post looks at ways to handle it when the topic of your health arises.

Just don’t get me started on the phrase “you’re looking well” – I am yet to find a suitably polite response to this. Currently I smile and inwardly scream. Any advice?

Managing Expectation

Something I’ve found hard to deal with over the years is the expectations of others. Often the friends and family you spend the holidays with are folk who don’t see you every day. They don’t know how your illness affects you. They might in fact think that you are a lot more physically able than you appear – or they could be in complete denial that you are ill. This article by Toni Bernhard talks about managing these expectations by educating others on your illness.

It may also be that others simply do not know how to help you. They might be overly fussing or completely overwhelming you. The Pillow Fort have this useful printable to actually tell people what you need, how they can help. They love you, they want to help but this saves you having to actually ask for that help (I’m not great at asking for help). You’ll need to submit your email address to get the free printable.

Personally, I feel like I have to be pretty selfish to get through the festivities. I have to make sure I’m taking care of myself, shuffling off back to bed for a few hours so that I can manage the next portion of the day – if that portion involves food I don’t want to miss out! ;D It can be hard though when you’re in bed and can hear the fun and hilarity from another room. Toni Bernhard discusses ways to ease the pain of isolation in this article.

There are loads of guides online with advice on how to get through the festive season. A couple of others worth reading are Cort Johnson’s Surviving The Holidays with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and Toni Bernhard’s Surviving The Holidays When You Are Chronically Ill.

For me, I know that I have to use my energy carefully. I’m very fortunate in that my family understand my illness these days. They generally don’t have high expectations of me. In actual fact any high expectations are my own and something that I’m gradually getting to grips with. I do intend to be kind to myself this festive season, show myself some self compassion. I also intend to enjoy those festivities I do take part in and to value any time I manage to spend with my family and friends.

I hope you’ve found something in this post to help you or someone you know this year.

Sending you all very best wishes and gentle *hugs*