Rhoda strupag

Rhoda is originally an engineer but ill health means she is largely housebound these days. Blogging is her way of trying to get her mind to work so that one day she can return to engineering.

Rhoda blogs about a range of things, but predominantly books.  She’s also a massive sports fan.

Drop Rhoda an email at contact@strupag.com

  • Jane Oswald Russell

    Rhoda, have you come across Jodi Taylor’s “Chronicles of St Mary’s” yet? I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy them. #1 in the series is “Just one damned thing after another.”

    • Thanks Jane. I just read up on it and it sounds great. Thank you! Hope you are well and enjoying the change in season (I love the colours at this time of year). Rhoda x

      • Jane Oswald Russell

        Hi, Rhoda,
        Do let me know what you think of Ms Taylor. I follow her on Facebook too, and my wee sister commented, “I wish she was a friend of mine.” I concur.
        As regards autumnal colours, I’ve just been out emptying the dog and the colours in Aros Park are stunning – and now you can really see them because a squad of guys have been clearing the rhododendrons and opening up vistas I didn’t know existed. It almost makes clearing up poo worthwhile. We’ve been blessed with good weather recently and I do appreciate it.
        Hope to see you again soon.
        Best wishes,
        Jane x