Armchair BEA 2016: An Introduction

Posted May 11, 2016

Last year I participated in Armchair BEA for the first time. I enjoyed it so much that I’m back for my second year! It was great to connect with different bloggers from around the world so I’m excited for ABEA 2016!


Before we get started, you may be wondering what Armchair BEA is, so let me try and enlight you. BEA is the Book Expo America. This year it’s being held in Chicago, and it’s an event where publishers, authors, bloggers and book lovers in general, come together to discuss all things bookish!

Obviously, not all of us can go to Chicago to attend, so Armchair BEA is a virtual event that allows book lovers from across the globe to join in on the fun. Last year I discovered some fab new blogs that I’ve been visiting regularly ever since. There are also great discussions to be had, Instagram challenges and Twitter parties. For the full agenda click here.

I don’t know how many days I’ll be able to participate but let’s get going with Day One – an introduction!


1. What is the name you prefer to use?


2. How long have you been a book blogger?

I’ve been blogging in general since 2010, although strupag only came into being a few years ago. My first blog was doing quite well but it was too demanding for me and my illness, so I took a step back and just started focussing more on book blogging when I moved to strupag.

3. Have you participated in ABEA before?

I participated last year for the first time and loved it! I ‘met’ so many fellow book lovers, new-to-me book bloggers and loved joining in the online conversation.

4. What is your favourite genre and why?

In the past I might have struggled to answer this as I kind of dot about from genre to genre. However these days I’d have to say that fantasy is my favourite. I love jumping into new and different worlds, escaping from reality and being absorbed in a fantastical setting.

5. If you could recommend one other book blogger, who would it be and why?


That’s an easy one – Cait from Paper Fury! Oh my goodness, that girl is brilliant! She has her own very unique blogging style and her passion for books is so evident. Also, she’s bloomin’ hilarious. Honestly, I can’t drink my coffee while reading her blog – there have been too many coffee explosions because of that lady!

6. If you could create a playlist that reflects your bookshelf, what would be the first song you choose?

The Imperial March from Star Wars – I think that kind of reflects my gargantuan TBR pile looming over me!

7. How do you arrange your bookshelves?

Alphabetically by author. Although I’m running out of space and so I think I’m going to have to rethink my book storage.

8. What is the most interesting thing that you’ve learned through your reading this year so far?


I mentioned that I adore fantasy, I really do. However I also enjoy reading fiction that is founded on fact. I enjoy reading fiction by an author who draws upon their own experience when they share a story. So for me, the book I’ve learned the most from this year so far is Shtum. You can find my review here, but basically, it’s about a father whose son is profoundly autistic. The author draws upon his own experiences with an autistic child. It’s a truly eye-opening, emotional read and I definitely recommend it.

So there you have it, a wee introduction. If you fancy joining in with ABEA then check out the website – everyone is welcome! Be sure to check out the link-up for Day One too so you can ‘meet’ other participants.