Armchair BEA Day 2: Aesthetic Concerns

Posted May 12, 2016

It’s day two of ABEA! I really enjoyed finding new blogs and getting to know bloggers yesterday. Thanks to all who took the time to stop by my post. Today’s topic is Aesthetic Concerns – Books and Blogs.



How often do you judge a book by its cover? How often are you surprised by what you find? Do you strategize and make sure every book in your series has the same cover design (as far as you are able to) and type? How important is it for the visual art on the outside of the book to match or coordinate with the literature art on the inside?

I can’t deny the fact that I am a sucker for a beautiful book cover. Add in some deckled edges and I’m sold.

ABEA Beautiful covers

I most definitely have things I like in a cover and things I really dislike. Generally, I’m not a fan of covers that feature people, like models. I don’t know why but I just don’t like it. That said, I have, of course, read books with such covers and enjoyed them, a lot. However, I’m just not drawn to them. Does anyone else feel the same way?

As for matching the covers in a series, I absolutely do like them to match. Admittedly I have some that are a combination of paperbacks and hardbacks, but if I had the money I’d make sure they were all the same.

One thing that does bug me though is when the first book in a series comes out in one size of paperback and the rest come out in a different size….

Grisha small

When I see these books on my shelves it bugs me enormously, but I’d rather spend money on a new book that I haven’t read rather than making my series all match.

As for the cover relating to the actual words within the book, I definitely like there to be a connection. Sometimes you pick up a book and don’t “get” the cover. But I love it when you’re half way through and the penny drops and you realise the significance of the cover artwork.

How do you feel about book aesthetics?

As a book blogger, in whatever form that takes, branding is important. Your colors, your fonts, your style of review, all of these things come together to make the “brand” of your blog – something that makes your reviews and posts and websites, all your various content, immediately recognizable to the people looking for you. What do you do to create a brand on your site? Do you think about these things?

Honestly, this is perhaps something I should consider more than I really do right now. I do like to keep a colour theme that fits my blog header. I also tend to use the flowers in my blog header as my avatar online, with the exception of Twitter as I do like to see a face behind a name.

How do you create and maintain your ‘brand’?

That’s all for today! If you want to join in you can find all the info for today, including Twitter Party time and Instagram challenge over on the ABEA website.