Project B Box 6

September 26, 2014 in Gifts, Maternity, Services

The lovely people at Project B kindly sent me my fourth box this month. I’ve been really impressed with the other boxes I’ve received so I couldn’t wait to see what was in this box, the last box before baby arrives!

For those of you that might not be familiar with Project B they are a subscription box service for pregnant ladies. They offer 7 boxes to see you through from 12 weeks right up to baby’s arrival. Retailing at £14/month, the value of the box often far exceeds the price you pay.

This month’s box, box 6, correlates to month 9 of pregnancy and has the theme ‘Nest’……

Box 6
Eco2Life Cleaning Spray and Refill – Brilliant! You receive an empty spray bottle and little bottle of magic formula which is environmentally more friendly for bath and shower cleaning.

Weleda Calendula Lotion – For baby and adults. It is easily absorbed and free of the bad stuff. Lovely!

NO GERMS Instant Hand Sanitiser – Love it. Pop it in the change bag and it’s there when needed.

Yes! Nurse’s Hand Formula – I love this and it’s made a huge difference to my very dry hands. Just totting up how many times you wash your hands with 2 young children on a morning is astonishing – no wonder my skin is dry as anything!


Spontex Washups – A couple of  handy sponge scourers.

The Pampered Chef Microfiber Towel – Very soft and absorbent.


As with the other boxes, there are also four really useful fact sheets.

I have to say that this box really does fulfill the “nest” theme. Everything in the box is relevant and useful and I really like that. My only wish was that there was a little chocolate treat in there too 🙂

Thank you to Project B for sending this box to Liz. All opinions expressed are completely our own and, as always, entirely honest. As always there are no affiliate links in the post.

A SewLomax Giveaway

September 16, 2014 in Baby and Toddler, Closed Giveaways, Gifts, Maternity

With the imminent arrival of Liz‘s third child, our attention has turned to all things baby! Poor Liz has had a tough pregnancy so I know she is just so eager to meet the new addition to her family. Liz, we hope all goes well for you and baby.

For me, I’ve been enjoying looking at new baby gifts! So when I saw that SewLomax have introduced a new baby accessories range I was pretty excited.


SewLomax have been on my radar for a wee while now with their collection of personalisable wash bags and accessories. Created by Emma Lomax, the company has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm for the past couple of years, so it’s really exciting that they are branching into this new area.

Emma’s debut collection of baby essentials consists of beautifully designed muslins, dribble bibs, as well as baby bathtime hooded towels and flannel sets. All are ethically produced and, as one would expect, great quality.

lifestyle muslin

I think the designs look absolutely gorgeous. The safety pins and dummy designs are really cute! Plus the towels can be personalised for that added special touch; they’d make a lovely gift.

Personally I love the look of the muslins, They are 100% cotton, feature the dummy and safety pin designs and are available in three different colours. Importantly, they are easy to wash on a 30 degree cycle and can be line dried, making Mum’s life that bit easier. Available in a set of square muslins (£12.50) or large muslins (£26), they’d make a really lovely gift!


The very kind folk at SewLomax have provided us a large box of muslins to give away to one lucky reader! The winner will be able to pick their favourite colour. To be in with a chance of winning simply fill in the rafflecopter entry form below.

Please note that there are NO mandatory requirements, you can do as many or as few as you like. However we do check entries so please be honest. Any false entries will result in disqualification. This giveaway is open to the UK only.

muslins box


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

For more information and to view the entire SewLomax range visit the SewLomax website.

Thank you to SewLomax for providing the prize for this giveaway. As always there are no affiliate links in this post. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.

Project B Box 5

August 23, 2014 in Gifts, Maternity, Services

I (Liz) couldn’t believe it when another fabulous Project B Pregnancy Box arrived through my door recently. I’ve been very impressed with the other two boxes I’ve received  (if you missed those posts you can find them here and here).

For those of you that might not be familiar with Project B they are a subscription box service for pregnant ladies. They offer 7 boxes to see you through from 12 weeks right up to baby’s arrival. Retailing at £14/month, the value of the box often far exceeds the price you pay.

This month’s box is box 5, which correlates to month 8 (30-34 weeks). So let’s have a wee look at what arrived in the box…

box 8

Nurture breast Pads – Perfect for the hospital and individually wrapped. Retails at £4.99 for a pack of 40.

Weleda Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion – A little treat to celebrate Project B’s first birthday. Retails for £13.95.

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch – Wow! Pain relief that can be used in pregnancy to ease those back pains. Fantastic! Retails at approx. £5.69 for 4 pack.

box 8_4

Divine Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar – Whoever came up with the idea of including chocolate in every pack deserves a pay rise. Plus it’s fairtrade and not for sharing with others. Retails for approx. £1.

Floradix Liquid Iron Formula – Certainly helps with the vitamin intake. A great, sample sized addition to the box.

Pukka Tea Bags – ‘three ginger’, ‘cleanse’ and ‘three mint’ teas.

Benecos Natural Lipgloss and Nail Polish – Little, natural treats to make mum feel slightly less like a farm animal. Both retail for £6.95 each.

box 8_3


Laboraide Twin Pack – ‘A new, innovative natural birthing device…to be used during both first and second stages of labour’. It’s a dental support device designed to naturally relieve pain. I’m willing to give anything a go! Twin Pack retails for £19.99.

Nursing Oil, Weleda – Apparently this should stimulate milk production. Sounds good as I’ve never been good at breast feeding.  Retails for £7.95.

TENA Lights  – Always welcome in pregnancy.

Femfresh Intimate Wipes – Great for popping in your handbag. Retails for £1.59.

box 8_2

Finally you get the very useful fact sheets. This month’s are baby in month eight,  What to take to the hospital (very useful), Swimming and aqua natal and Salmon with pine nuts and lime recipe.

I’m really impressed with this box. I tried to include prices for as many products as possible and as you can see the contents of box 5 far exceed the £14 that you pay for the box. Fantastic!

Thank you to Project B for sending this box to Liz for consideration. All opinions expressed are completely our own and, as always, entirely honest. As always there are no affiliate links in the post.

Project B Box 4

July 24, 2014 in Gifts, Maternity, Services

A fantastic surprise turned up recently, another gorgeous Project B pregnancy box! This one is aimed at 25-29 weeks and was hugely appreciated when it came through the door. If you missed my (Liz) post about the previous box, weeks 20-24, you can find it here.

Project B is a subscription box service for pregnant ladies. They offer 7 boxes to see you through from 12 weeks to baby’s arrival and at £14 a month they are definitely a bargain as the contents often far exceed that value.

So what did I get in my latest box?


St Eval Candle Company Tranquility Scented Tin. This is gorgeous and doesn’t half make you relax after a busy day. (RRP £9)

A couple of sachets of bio-oil which put off having to buy more for a couple of days more. (samples, RRP £8.99 for 60ml)

BLOOM heartwarming Rooibos Tea (pack of 20) and taste pretty good. (RRP £2.95 for 10)

Pregnancy Relaxation CD giftcard worth £10 to help you feel not quite so scared of labour!

Balm Balm Rose Geranium Face Balm which is a very luxurious moisturiser designed for everything. (RRP £6.99)

Weleda Firming Day Cream (7ml sample) (RRP £23.95 for 30ml)




Eisberg Alcohol-free wine (Rose). (RRP £2.75)  Truthfully I was expecting this to be awful but it was actually pretty good. Although it does definitely lack alcohol it’s about as good as a pregnant woman can hope for!



And of course their fantastic leaflets with advice, ideas and general information.

This was such a brilliant box with some really high quality products. Again, I’m really impressed and feel nice and pampered!

Thank you to Project B for sending this box to Liz for consideration. All opinions expressed are completely our own and, as always, entirely honest.

Project B Pregnancy Box Review

June 25, 2014 in Gifts, Maternity, Parenting

Back in April we included the Project B pregnancy subscription box in our What We’re Loving Feature (if you missed it you can find it here). The lovely folk at Project B sent us a box to review this month and I’m (Liz) really impressed.

Just to set the scene… At twenty two weeks pregnant, I’d just picked up my son (five) early from school with a sickness bug, and was attempting to settle him on the settee whilst trying to explain to my three-year-old daughter that I really wasn’t able to play a game right now and “yes, of course I’ll help you at the toilet for the third time in the last twenty minutes” when the doorbell rang. Just what I needed! So, after a quick dart to the front door past Jonny who looked like he might throw up any second, a scribbling of my signature on the delivery man’s computer, a dumping of the parcel next to the door and a run back to the toilet hoping that there wasn’t complete carnage, calm descended on the house as Mr Bloom and his friends on CBeebies provided at least some comfort to all three of us. As the third programme started my mummified brain considered that rather than watching the fun down on ‘Big Barn Farm’ I could, in fact, retrieve the parcel and at least have a moment of excitement opening it.



To be honest, I had a little tear in my eye when I realised the parcel was full of treats for me! Just me! (Including the chocolate). All for me! A little bit of luxury in a manic world thanks to the producers of the ‘Project B’ boxes.  At that moment I could have hugged them. The beauty of the box is that all the products are instantly usable (especially the chocolate) and just make you feel that little bit better about life in general. The box is carefully customised to suit your stage of pregnancy, each box with its own theme. I was sent Month 6 which has has the theme Energise.


I’m not a particularly cosmetic person and generally a bit of shower gel and moisturiser is all my face is treated to as I don’t tend to get too many spots. This is, however, until pregnancy loomed once again and I literally wake up with about three new spots every day. So, some proper face wash has been on my shopping list for the past six weeks. The delight at having two pots of Urban Veda Purifying Facial Wash and Exfoliating Facial Polish magically appear in front of me was almost too much for this hormonal mother to bear. I’ve read the science bit about anti-aging, detoxifying, antibacterial etc. but, to be blunt, I don’t really care about that at the moment. It feels great and has helped to make me look slightly less like a spotty teenager so I’m ecstatic. The scientists can deal with the science and I will take advantage.

As for the Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash, it is very gentle indeed and I am a convert. Soap-free and you know it’s suitable for pregnancy. Brilliant!


Also on my shopping list for weeks has been stretch mark cream. Once again two pots (of APOTHEDERM Stretch Mark Cream) magically appeared and I’m hoping the end result will be my stomach looking less like a road map of Great Britain… Lots of science to support all the advantages and one mum who is delighted to use it but needs to use all the brain power she can muster to get the next lot of sick clothes in the washing machine…


The gems at Teapigs have come up with a brilliant selection of caffeine-free ‘tea temples’ and I received ‘peppermint leaves’ for sore tummies, ‘lemon & ginger’ for a summery taste, and ‘superfruit’ for an antioxidant boost. I’ve never been too keen on herbal teas but I have to admit even I was impressed with these ones and it makes a difference from drinking decaf builders brew. They seem to be quite posh and my mum loved tasting them.


How clever of Project B to know that one chocolate bar would not be enough and so included two. Of course, the fact that it is Divine Chocolate means you can eat it in one sitting with a clear conscience that it is Fairtrade, and so you are actually doing a good thing by eating it! I had toffee and sea salt flavour which was really nice.


Over the years I have reviewed a few pregnancy books and this one, What to Buy For Your Baby is definitely one of my favourites. There are few books that manage to balance giving information without giving bias, but this one really does and I wish I’d had it during my first pregnancy. Liat Huges Joshi and Caroline Cosgrove present facts and you choose what is right for you. I particularly liked the chapter on bottle versus breast feeding, where they offer advice on what ‘equipment’ you need for both but do not enter into a debate on what is best. Rather, they acknowledge that some women find breast feeding enjoyable and easy, whilst for others it is very problematic. The same is true for disposable versus washable nappies.

They use their own experience, mixed with a range of other mums, to work through what is best for you and what, in their opinion, is a complete waste of money. They list lots of possibilities for you to consider buying and put a tick, cross or question mark beside it based upon whether they think it necessary. I especially like the list for nursery furniture which has a lot of possibilities and only two ticks for ‘cot’ and ‘storage’. This book is fabulous and I will certainly buy a copy for newly-pregnant friends.


There were also some added extras in the box with some samples of PG Tips ‘Green Tea’ and ‘Red Berries’ Tea, plus a bottle of WaterBaby Calm Pregnancy Care Drink. This was, to my surprise, really tasty with a good punch of ginger and lemon. I’ve never seen a drink purely produced for pregnant women and I’m really impressed. Not only does it make you hydrate your body, but it includes lots of nutrients for pregnancy and the recommended amount of folic acid. It’s designed for breast feeding too so I’m definitely going to stock up on it.


What I really like about the Project B box is that it comes with a few leaflets of information which are useful, but you’re not overwhelmed with vouchers for 5p off or subject to lots of ‘in-your-face’ advertising. There is a short description of the products so you quickly read about them and there are links to each one so you can buy them or just find out more about them. Also, in this box, are leaflets with advice on buggies, recipe ideas, staying healthy and the fact that baby is about the size of a grapefruit. Again, no hard-sell; just useful information.

I really like this box and when my sisters or brother decide it’s time to produce some cousins I will definitely be signing them up. The Month 6 box has a beautifully balanced range of products, it’s clear that Project B really put a lot of thought into their boxes.

It is true that some women bloom in pregnancy. I am not one of them, and though I am truly grateful for the baby developing now, I spend the entire nine months feeling pretty rubbish, feeling sick and sore. In this manic world of parenthood and pregnancy it’s lovely to feel pampered for a few moments too. Thank you!

To find out more about Project B or to sign up for the monthly subscription service visit their website.

We were sent a Project B box free of charge. All opinions expressed are entirely our own and completely honest.