Great Gizmos – Join in National Science & Engineering Week

March 8, 2013 in Gifts, Kids, Science

Many of you will know that I love science. I’ve always loved it. I briefly thought about doing Physics at Uni but I ended up doing a Masters in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. We had a relatively small year group and I was one of four girls doing the course – that was actually about a sixth of the year group so quite a good proportion really!

Why am I telling you this? Well this month there is a ten day celebration of science, engineering and technology – National Science and Engineering Week runs from 15th March – 24th March. It’s the perfect opportunity to inspire young minds and get them interested in the world around them.

As a teenager I adored Physics at school. I am quite sure this is in no small part due to the fantastic teacher I had. He really passed on his passion for the subject, kept us all engaged and encouraged us to think in a new way, a scientific way.

I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for my teachers nurturing my natural love of science that I wouldn’t have gone down the path I did at Uni, I wouldn’t absorb every scientific fact I can………and if we are going down this route I wouldn’t have met my husband.

I think it’s so important that children and young people get introduced to science. My husband (a civil engineer) has worked on a Bridges for Schools campaign whereby engineers go in to primary schools with all the relevant materials and get kids to build a bridge. This is the kind of thing I think plants a seed or encourages an interest in the engineering world.

However not all schools are lucky enough to have fantastic, inspiring science teachers or indeed the opportunity to invite engineers in to work with their pupils. When that happens where do children find their inspiration? Well surely that has to be found at home? You might be sat there thinking “but I’m not sciencey, how am I meant to help” well it’s easy, there are some fantastic products out there that allow you to undertake a project with your young ones and allow them to learn about science whilst doing it.

Great Gizmos have a fantastic range of 4M science kits to inspire, teach and just have fun really. We were lucky enough to be sent their Grow-a-Maze kit from their Green Science to test out.

The great thing about these kits is that they are easy to do at home with things you might have kicking about the house. In this case you need you’ll need some compost (or soil), a small container, cotton wool and dried beans.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and really there isn’t much effort required. You will need a bit of patience but kids will love checking up on their maze every day to see how much it has progressed. There’s 6 different experiments to try from building the maze to having a bean race!

Younger children will probably just love the novelty of creating a maze, however this kit might just inspire older kids to think about what roots are, how plants grow, how plants survive etc. I love the fact that it’s transparent and you can see exactly what’s going on and learn from the maze growing experience.

Personally I think this is a great gift for kids of all ages – it’s something older kids could do alone or that you could do as a family with young ones.

The Green Science range is full of great environmentally friendly kits, raising awareness of the environment as well as of science and engineering. I particularly like the look of the Salt Water Robot and also the Weather Station.

I love these kits, they would make great gifts. Jonny is certainly enjoying growing his maze, although it’s in the very early stages (and as he is four we are doing it together).

So why not join in the celebration that is National Science and Engineering Week? It’s accessible to all and who knows you might even learn something yourself?

Great Gizmo 4M Science Kits are available from ….. and P&P is currently FREE for a limited time only!!

For more information about National Science and Engineering week visit the British Science Association website. They have some great ideas over there and downloads too.

The Grow-A-Maze kit was received for our consideration. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.