Reading Classics With Serial Reader

February 26, 2016 in Bookish Posts, Technology

Happy Friday! Just a quick post today with something I thought was rather cool. First though, if you missed V.E. Schwab’s visit to the blog earlier in the week be sure to check that out, there’s a giveaway there too!

Lying in bed, scrolling through Twitter I happened upon an app which I thought was a really good idea. Serial Reader is an app that encourages you to read the classics in short bursts every day. So rather than feeling overwhelmed, it splits it up into easy 20 minute chunks for you to read. Oh and I should mention that it’s free.


You choose when you want to receive your latest issue, sit back and wait for chunks of the story to appear daily. I have to say I think it’s a great idea if you commute. It’s free, on your phone and manageable.


There’s also a good range of classics on the app, with more being added regularly.


I’ve only just started with A Tale of Two Cities but I’m enjoying the experience so far. I’ve been meaning to read it for some time but I have a bundle of review books to get through so I kind of feel guilty if I pick up something new/different. However, with this app I can read 20 mins of the classic daily, and then get back to whatever I’m reading / reviewing for the rest of the day.


It’s also very user friendly which I appreciate. You can change fonts, text size, background colour until you find something that suits you personally.

The final thing I find pretty cool about this is that in reading A Tale of Two Cities as a serial, we are actually reading it in the way it was intended. A Tale of Two Cities was originally published in 31 weekly parts in 1859. Many classics were told this way, serialised into weekly or monthly installments through journals and supplements.

I think this is such a good idea and I’m really hoping it will help me to get through all those classics I’ve been meaning to read, but just not managed to yet!

Do you used Serial Reader?

Are there any similar apps you’d recommend?

I just thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it with you.

Project Brabham – Be A Part Of It

October 29, 2014 in Gifts, Promotion, Sport, Technology

Many readers will know that prior to becoming ill I was an engineer. I studied Electrical & Mechanical engineering at University and worked as an engineer until my health made it far too hard for me to continue. I’m sure I will get back into the field some day though, whenever I beat this thing! Anyway, coupled with my interest in engineering I was, and am, a huge fan of motorsport. I did my first rally (as a navigator) when I was 16, and continued until it no longer became possible. I loved it! These days my participation goes as far as watching it on the TV or a live stage via webcam, but my interest is still very much there…if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know just how much I love my sport.

So when I heard about Project Brabham, my interest was immediately piqued. Could this be a way for me to still feel part of motorsport and engineering, but from the comfort of my bed? Well, let me tell you a bit about the Project.


Even if you aren’t a petrolhead I’m sure you will be familiar with the name Sir Jack Brabham. He was an Australian racing driver, a triple F1 World Champion and one of the founders of the Brabham racing & constructor teams. The Brabham team was extremely successful, not only in F1 but across motor racing. In its latter days the team boasted F1 drivers such as Martin Brundle, Damon Hill and Mark Blundell, some truly talented Brits!

Sir Jack’s son David Brabham is one of the most successful and experienced specialists in sports car racing. He is one of only 4 Australians to have won the 24 Heures Du Mans!

credit - Peugeot Sport

credit – Peugeot Sport


He, together with others, has launched Project Brabham, an innovative new crowdfunding project which will see the implementation of a “model of open source racing to build and fund a sustainable team”. 

Brabham aims to return to the track in the FIA World Endurance Championship next season with a three-year LMP2 programme. In year four, the marque will finally return as a constructor by way of LMP1, with firm intentions of winning the only world title for sportscars and the greatest endurance race on earth, the Le Mans 24 Hours. Series such as the FIA Formula E Championship could also be a consideration while Brabham hopes to one-day return to Formula 1.

What’s this got to do with you? Well you can be part of this fantastic project! You can help to bring the Brabham team back to the race track by backing the Project’s crowdfunding. From as little as £1 you can be a part of this journey! The Crowdfunding ends on 1st November 2014 (EDIT the deadline is now 15th November 2014) and they are edging ever closer to their £250k target.

There’s more though. In these early days Brabham will be creating an online portal Brabham-Digital. It will be a place where the team will share knowledge and behind-the-scenes information. It will also be a platform where you can help to influence team decisions in these early days.



There are four packages available; Brabham-Fan (£25), Brabham-Driver (£75), Braham-Engineer (£100) and Full Access (£125). Each package will give a different insight into the team and you have until 1st November to sign up here!

I really love this concept! For me, it means I can feel part of this special project from the comfort of my bed. I can be a part of this pioneering project and help, in some way, to influence motorsport history. Pretty amazing huh?

There are various other ways you can support the team, from having your name on the car (£40) to being part of the team for a whole weekend with a Le Mans Hospitality Pit Pass (£5500).

With Christmas coming up there are also gift boxes available. For £50 (UK delivery) you could give the racing fan in your life an exclusive gift box including a one-off certificate and a limited edition, iconic Brabham Print (there’s more in there too, have a look over on the website for more information). It would make an amazing gift for the motorsport fan in your life.

Can you tell I’m rather excited by this project? I could go on and on, but I’ll stop! You can find all of the details, along with a list of all the perks available here. From £1 you could be part of motorsport history, I find that a very exciting prospect, don’t you?

For more information and to join in Project Brabham visit the website, but make sure you do it by the 1st November 2014!! EDIT: The deadline has been extended by a fortnight. The campaign will now endon 25th November 2014 at 23:59 (PT)

You can also keep up with Project Brabham on Twitter (@BrabhamOfficial) and Facebook.

Although I would have posted about this fantastic opportunity anyway, Brabham are very kindly sending an exclusive cap & potentially full access to Brabham-Digital. This has in no way influenced this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and completely honest.

Rhino Shield Screen Protector Review

July 12, 2014 in Technology

You know that feeling when you get a new phone? You are ridiculously protective of it and the thought that something might happen to it before your contract expires is a bit scary (maybe that’s just me).  So as well as opting for a case for it I always get a screen protector. It always seems like a really good idea until I try to apply it and the screen of my phone ends up looking like bubblewrap!

Anyway I got a new phone at the start of the year and I had a good look online for screen protectors. I must admit I went for the ones that said they were easy to apply. I didn’t actually give much consideration as to whether they would actually protect the screen!

It’s not really the kind of thing you find out until it’s too late. You drop your phone, the screen smashes, erm nope that protector was rubbish! So when I was offered the chance to try the Rhino Shield screen protector I looked online at reviews and knew this was going to be a good one!

Rhinoshield Pack

Rhinoshield Screen Protector

Rhino Shield actually sent us a press pack so we could test the protector for ourselves. Complete with a metal ball bearing, ruler, solid surface, Gorilla Glass samples and Rhino Shield protector we set about testing the product.

RhinoShield Press Pack

Rhino Shield Press Pack


press kit

Rhino Shield Press Pack Contents


Since we are entirely useless at vlog style posts here is a link to a couple of lab tests that demonstrate the Rhino Shield in action. We did a press-pack variation of this and got the same results…

press pack smash

glass screen, no Rhino Shield protector


Without protection the glass smashed. With protection, the glass was fine, perfect, not a mark. In the excitement I forgot to take a photo, but if you check out the video you will see for yourselves. The Rhino Shield is strong!

Having ascertained that this protector is, well, amazing. I decided to chuck out my old protector and apply this new one.  Honestly, I was dreading this. I HATE doing this kind of thing. However Rhino Shield send you everything you need to make sure you apply the protector perfectly!


Rhino Shield comes with everything you need to apply the protector


To tell you the truth when I opened the packet and saw all the accessories I was still skeptical. Aside from the fact that you don’t want bubbles/trapped dust on your screen there is always that nagging feeling of “I paid £X for this, I better not mess it up!” Or is that just me?

This was incredibly straight forward to apply. For the first time ever my screen protector is flawless! As long as you follow the instructions and take your time using the dust removal stickers etc you should get the same result.

Honestly, I am hugely impressed with this. Not only does it look flawless on my phone, it also looks clean, clear and I know that it works!

It’s a fortnight since I applied the protector and it still looks perfect. I genuinely cannot fault this product.

The Rhino Shield is available to buy online and can be shipped worldwide. It’s available for a variety of phone makes and models. The iPhone one I received retails for $24.99. When you consider the price of that compared to the price of replacing a broken screen I’d say it is definitely worth the money.

Thank you to Rhino Shield for providing the sample as well as the press kit so we could try the product out for ourselves. All opinions expressed are entirely our own and completely honest. As always, there are no affiliate links in this post.

Make 2012 A Money Saving Year!

January 5, 2012 in Technology, Thrifty

I don’t need to tell you how much I love a bargain….I’m pretty sure that you’ve gathered that over the past year or so. I love saving money on something or knowing that I’m getting the best possible deal on it.

Until recently I used to spend a lot of time comparing prices between websites until I found the best price…that was until I came across InvisibleHand…….

InvisibleHand will change the way you shop online, at least it has for me and for those I’ve introduced it to. Basically it’s a FREE add-on to your web browser that will run in the background and discreetly notify you if there are lower prices available on the product or flight you are looking at!

It is currently available for the UK, US & Germany, and although it doesn’t yet search ALL retailers they are constantly adding to it.

I used this to do the majority of my Christmas shopping and definitely saved myself money. Make sure that you take into account any delivery costs when comparing the prices though as occasionally the cheaper price actually ends up costing more with delivery included.

So how do you get this fantastic wee add-on? Simply go to the InvisibleHand website and click on DOWNLOAD. InvisibleHand is available for FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

It’s really to install and you wont know it’s there until it finds you a product or flight at a cheaper price. It’s great for all purchases, large and small, and all those saved pennies will turn into pounds!!

I just wanted to share this with my readers, I have no connection to InvisibleHand.