Favourite YouTubers – Sarah Churchill

Posted February 28, 2015

Last summer (I can’t believe it’s that long ago) I posted my first Favourite YouTubers post (you can find it here) so I think a second installment is long overdue.

Sarah Churchill is my favourite Booktuber. If you watch Booktube videos then I’m sure you are already subscribed to this lovely lady. She posts twice a week and shares her thoughts on books and book-related things.  Her love of literature shines through on her channel. If you’re ever suffering from a reading slump one of Sarah’s videos is bound to inspire you to pick up that book again. She’s passionate and honest, and she has the most beautiful Welsh accent!


I genuinely love to hear Sarah’s opinions on the latest books and I’ve found so many great reads through her channel. Let me warn you though, I ALWAYS want to go on a book buying spree after watching her!

You can subscribe to Sarah here.

Who are your favourite Booktubers?