Gift Wrap for Books

Posted August 22, 2015

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this…I love to give books as gifts! I put a lot of thought into what books my friends and family would like, and genuinely can’t wait to hear their thoughts upon reading them.

The thing is though, when you give someone a book as a gift, they know it’s a book. Obviously they don’t know which particular book it is but by the feel, size, look etc is clearly a book. So why try to hide that fact? I recently came across a company who have designed gift wrap especially for books! You’re giving a book to a fellow booklover, why shouldn’t the wrapping have a literary theme?

Victoriana (L) and Who Said That? (R)
Victoriana (L) and Who Said That? (R)

That Company Called If were kind enough to send me a couple of samples of their wrap and honestly I’m really impressed.

If, like me, you hate the process of laying out wrapping paper and cutting it to size, then inevitably needing to either redo it, or create an artistic patchwork-type wrap (yeup, I’ve done that), then this product is definitely for you. It’s cut to size and designed “to fit the most popular paperback and hardback book sizes”. No more squinty-edged patchwork wrapping for my loved ones!

Then there’s the fact that the actual papers themselves are stunning! There are 12 different reading themed designs and they look fab!

I was kindly sent samples of their Victoriana and Who Said That? designs. I have to say that I kind of don’t want to use them for wrap, I want to frame them for my study! They are beautiful, and great quality too.

Who Said That?
Who Said That?


Another random fact about me is that I’m a wrapping paper snob… I hate thin, rubbish wrapping paper. I’m also one of those people that saves nice wrapping paper. I just think if you go to the expense of buying a gift for someone, the wrapping paper shouldn’t be hanging off it, ripped and burst when you give it to them. Suffice to say this wrap lives up to my expectations!

Being the correct size and of good quality, this paper is really straight forward to use. We tested it out with one my larger hardbacks…



… it worked really well!

At the moment this wrap is only available through independent retailers in the UK but I’ve been advised that if you want to find your nearest stockist you should drop an email to customer services and they’ll help you out.

I’m going to do that myself and find out where I can get some more of this wrap. I can’t wait to wrap up bookish gifts with it!

┬áThat Company Called If kindly sent me two samples of this wrapping paper for consideration. I loved it so I’m sharing it with you.