Lucy Ladybird by Sharon King-Chai

Posted June 20, 2013

Genres: Picture Books

Lucy Ladybug

This book has been a huge hit with Sophie who has recently turned two. The size of the book allows for big, colourful illustrations that are perfect for young children. The pages are full of interest without being too cluttered. Even the leaves on the front cover are all different and we’ve spent ages pointing out different colours and patterns.

Little Lucy Ladybird has no spots and she wants to be like everyone else. No one wants to be her friend. She leaves home and passes through the different seasons meeting different creatures before returning home.

The book is so beautifully illustrated with each season and Jonny (four) has loved talking about what changes through the year. There is lots to look at on each page and the creatures Lucy meets encourage Sophie to practise her speech and counting. There is a perfect amount of text on each page for her to remain focused.

The end page is, in particular, lovely and we notice different things all the time.

This is a book with a moral to it that you can relate to everyday life. Anything that helps instil morals in children has to be good!

There’s even a website to get Lucy Ladybird activities on. Brilliant!

A copy of Lucy Ladybird was received free of charge for our consideration. All opinions expressed are entirely our own and, as always, completely honest.