November Fairyloot Unboxing

Posted December 16, 2016

Back in July I got my first Fairyloot box and loved it (see the unboxing here). So when I heard the theme for November was ‘Royals & Rogues’ I decided to sign up once more. That’s one of the things I love about Fairyloot; you can (if you are quick) just purchase one-off boxes rather than committing to a box each month. Make sure you are subscribed to their newsletter so you find out first what their theme is for the next month. They’ve had some fantastic sounding themes recently. In all honesty, there are going to be a few Fairyloot unboxings coming up – can you tell what I spent my birthday money on? ;D



As always, I’m going to put the actual content of the unboxing in a spoiler section below. I’m sure everyone has their boxes by now, since I’m ridiculously late in posting this (people are getting their December boxes right now), but I’d hate to be the cause of spoilers!

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So there we have it – quite a box! I’m delighted with it.

Do you subscribe to Fairyloot?

What are your thoughts on the November box?