Operation Declutter – Tidying Linen Cupboard

January 17, 2013 in Home & Garden, Operation Declutter

At the moment in our house we are trying to declutter…… it’s not something I enjoy doing but I do love the results. At the moment our spare room is full of bags ready to go to the charity shop. I love that feeling, handing over bags at a charity shop and knowing that you are doing something, however little, to help.

This week we tackled the linen cupboard. It’s fair to say it was a mess. It was driving us both mad every time we went to get a towel,  or when hubby had to rummage to find a full set of bedding. Apart from anything else towels and bedding cost a fortune, surely we should be looking after them properly?

It was then I remembered a great post on the lovely Me and My Shadow Blog (I highly recommend following this blog, it’s fantastic). She shared a great Martha Stewart tip with her readers and after implementing it I feel it’s definitely worth sharing with our readers.

From Martha Stewart Website

It’s a really simple, but effective idea. Basically you sort out your bedding sets and then store each set inside one of the pillowcases. It’s great as when you go to change the bed you just need to look at the pillowcases to decide which you want, then everything you need is in the pillowcase!

I do wonder if I am getting old by loving such things….and indeed sharing them. I think it’s just a fantastic idea and it has really made a massive difference to our linen cupboards. So thank you to Me and My Shadow and indeed Martha Stewart for this great idea!
Phase one of “operation declutter” is complete………now to look for inspiration for phase two!