Review: Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene

Posted February 13, 2015

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene Smiler's Fair by Rebecca Levene
Series: The Hollow Gods #1
Published by Hodder Genres: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

Yron the moon God died, but now he's reborn in the false king's son. His human father wanted to kill him, but his mother sacrificed her life to save him. He'll return one day to claim his birthright. He'll change your life.

He'll change everything.

Smiler's Fair: the great moving carnival where any pleasure can be had, if you're willing to pay the price. They say all paths cross at Smiler's Fair. They say it'll change your life. And five people will discover how true that is.

Nethmi, the orphaned daughter of a murdered nobleman, who in desperation commits an act that will haunt her forever. Dae Hyo, the skilled warrior, who discovers that a lifetime of bravery cannot make up for a single mistake. Marvan, the master swordsman, who takes more pleasure from killing than he should. Eric, who follows his heart only to learn that love can exact a terrible price. And Krish, the humble goatherd, with a destiny he hardly understands and can never accept.

In a land where unimaginable horror lurks in the shadows, where the very sun and moon are at war, these people must discover who they are - and who they're willing to become.


Smiler’s Fair by Rebecca Levene; it’s awesome, just awesome. End of review.

Ok, a bit more depth. Things started well when I opened up the book to find a map. I do love books with maps. Apart from their obvious gorgeousness, I tend to feel like it’s a reflection upon the depth of the world the author has created. Does that make sense?

Anyway, it’s a few days now since I finished reading Smiler’s Fair and I still can’t stop thinking about it. Levene’s writing style had me hooked from the outset, an eight page prologue that left me thoroughly intrigued and very excited to read the rest of the book.

Smiler’s Fair is a great moving carnival city where it is said that any pleasures can be found, if you are willing to pay the price. The fair creates a sort of backbone to the book. It’s not all set there; in fact a lot of it isn’t, but it’s the glue that binds the five characters we follow in this multi-stranded fantasy.

Written from multiple viewpoints, the story follows five main characters. In my opinion it takes an extremely talented writer to be able to “pull off” a novel with multiple viewpoints, and clearly Rebecca Levene is one such author! Not only does she create a world which will blow your socks off but she also creates well-rounded, whole characters. The personality of each of the main characters shines through and although we may only read about them in a chapter, or even half chapter at one time these characters become so alive and real.

I mentioned the world; the world is incredible. I honestly don’t know how Levene manages to cram so much detail into just 404 pages (paperback version). The depth of this world is stunning, and some of the concepts are just brilliant. Honestly, this world will not disappoint you. In fact just when you think you’ve got to grips with the scope and substance of the world BAM there’s a new introduction! This isn’t just a book about Smiler’s Fair, it’s far more than that. It’s a book that encompasses a whole world and within that world a variety of peoples and histories, of creatures and Gods, as well as the plights, hopes and dreams of our main characters.

I love the way this book tells the story from the perspectives of the various characters, as well as the way Levene intricately weaves their histories and lives together in ways I certainly didn’t foresee.

This is such a fast paced, action packed novel. It’s full of surprises, and packed with detail. I genuinely don’t know how Levene has created such depth and substance in just 404 pages. All I know is that I can’t wait to get back into this world – I miss it already!