What We’re Loving… ‘Unusual’ Subscription Boxes

Posted April 30, 2014

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This month our What We’re Loving feature focuses upon subscription boxes. I’m sure everyone knows what they are but just in case, subscription boxes are a service that you sign up to for a set charge. Then periodically, the majority are monthly, a beautiful surprise box will turn up at your door. You then have the fun of seeing what’s in your box and using the products!

Beauty boxes tend to be a firm favourite, but we wanted to take a look at the more “unusual” subscription boxes available. There are some really fantastic ideas. Hopefully you’ll find something new,and appealing below.


Bonjour French Food

Bonjour French Food is a monthly subscription box of Gourmet French products delivered to your door. We love food, and French treats transport us back to the fantastic holidays we had in France as children. You can subscribe for yourself, or give it as a gift. In fact you can even get a “one-off” box. Bonjour French Food are working on a new service whereby your box will be delivered as soon as you order, rather than having to wait for the monthly box.

Prices start at £29/month. For deliveries to other countries please inquire with Bonjour French Food directly.

The lovely people at Bonjour French Food are offering Strupag readers an exclusive 10% discount, just enter the code STRUPAG in the promotion codes box. This code is valid until 30th May 2014.

Look out for our review of Bonjour French Food on the blog next month!



Twist Cocktails

TWIST Cocktails release a new cocktail kit every month containing all the ingredients you need to make 4 cocktails. You can subscribe to have the TWIST box delivered to your door every month, or as a gift. You can also order TWIST boxes for a variety of cocktails over on the website. There’s a new one being released next week so look out for that.

Costs £25/month and, obviously, you have to be 18 or over to order. Check out the monthly competition to win a FREE TWIST box.

TWIST have kindly offered Strupag readers an exclusive discount of £5 on their Mixologist Kits so that you have everything you need to start making cocktails at home. Just enter the code STRUPAG in the “ADD COUPON” section of the cart.



So we’ve had Food and Drinks. It therefore makes sense to include another of our loves…BOOKS! We’ve included two different boxes for you.

prudence and the crow

Prudence and the Crow is a vintage book subscription box. Like the others we have mentioned so far you can order this as a “one-off” or a monthly subscription. Basically you fill in a short questionnaire then Prudence and the Crow will hand pick a vintage (pre-2000) book to send you in the post! They currently offer four genres; Youth Fiction, Science Fiction, Classic Thriller and Children’s. However they can cater for most tastes. Your Prudence and the Crow box will come complete with a surprise preloved book, a handmade book bag to store it in as well as a couple of other wee surprises. We think this would make a great gift for the book lover in your life that seems to have read everything!

Prices start at £10/month. Prudence and the Crow will shop internationally from £14/month.


willoughby book club

The Willoughby Book Club is, similarly, a subscription whereby you receive a book in the post. However they deal in new books. They have 10 different subscription book clubs on offer, ranging from baby books to cookery books and natural history books to contemporary reads. Again, each book is hand chosen for the recipient based upon information you fill in online.

Subscriptions are available for 3,6 or 12 months, with prices starting at £29.99. They will also ship internationally for a fee, see website for details.



We couldn’t include books and not give stationery a mention!

ink drops

Ink Drops is a stationery subscription box. Their ACE box offers you the chance to receive a surprise package of stationery every month (although you can sneak a peek online if you are impatient). There’s no minimum subscription length so you could get a “one-off” box if you remember to cancel your membership. You can also send this as a gift. Ink Drops have a range of other boxes that are available for immediate dispatch.

The ACE box subscription costs a total of £15.45 a month. International delivery is also available from £16.45/month.

Look out for an Ink Drops giveaway coming up on the blog during May!



Our final subscription box is a pregnancy box. Our very own Liz is expecting her third child in October so we thought we’d include a box that is especially for pregnant ladies.

project B

Project B is a subscription box specifically designed for pregnant ladies. There are 7 boxes available starting from month 4 of your pregnancy, right up to month 10 when baby has appeared. You can start the subscription at any point during your pregnancy, just ask for the relevant box to start you off. Each box has a different theme and will include between 5-10 products (from well known brands) ranging from relaxation to healthy eating and household to pampering. We think Project B would make a great gift for the pregnant lady in your life. It can be cancelled at any time.

A Project B subscription will cost you £14/month.

Look out for a Project B giveaway on the blog in May!

So there you have it, our round-up of the more “unusual” subscription boxes available in the UK. Please feel free to take advantage of the discounts on offer and look out for some follow up posts with reviews and giveaways during May!

Have you tried out any of these subscriptions? Do any of these boxes appeal to you? We’d also love to hear which boxes you are subscribed to, whether they are beauty, food, drinks etc. If there’s a box you’d like to suggest please feel free to leave it in the comments below.

This is our own round up of the more unusual subscription boxes available in the UK. We have not been asked to feature any of these companies. As always, there are no affiliate links here.