Top Ten Tuesday #11: Favourite Authors

Posted April 21, 2015

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This week the topic is…


All Time Favourite Authors

Ok, this is hard. I’m pretty sure that regular readers will be able to guess a few of these though. I’ve decided to narrow it down by this.. if the author were to release a new book tomorrow I’d snap it up no questions asked. In some cases I may not have read all of their existing work – but I’m working my way through it!



GEORGE R.R. MARTIN – No surprise there! I’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire twice now and I’m feeling the need to read it for a third time… if only The Winds of Winter would be published to satiate my ASoIaF cravings!


SARAH J. MAAS2 – Another rather obvious one. I love Maas’ writing, The Throne of Glass series is brilliant. I can’t wait to read A Court of Thorns and Roses!



KHALED HOSSEINI – His writing – I just love it. A Thousand Splendid Suns was the first book (well, since Bambi) to have me in floods of tears.



SARAH HILARY  Sarah’s second book No Other Darkness is out this week (my review here). She’s a stunning author & I’m already excited for her third book!



LEIGH BARDUGO – I loved The Grisha trilogy. Bardugo’s writing and her concepts are fantastic. I cannot wait for Six For Crows.



STIEG LARSSON – So obviously Larsson isn’t going to be creating any new content, but if he did I’d buy it without question. Intrigued (& a bit nervous) as to what That Which Does Not Kill will be like (completed by  David Lagercrantz).



DAN BROWN – I refused to read Brown’s books back in the days when The Da Vinci Code was topping the bestsellers (I’m odd like that). However once all the fuss died down I read it, loved it and devoured the rest of his books.



SCOTT LYNCH – His Gentleman Bastard series is quite simply brilliant. I’m delighted that book 4, The Thorn of Emberlain, will be out this year.



J.R.R. TOLKIEN – I’m still working my way through the work of Tolkien, but if a piece of his work were unearthed & published tomorrow I’d be all over it!



ÅSNE SEIERSTAD – When it comes to non-fiction Seierstad is an author I truly admire. As an international journalist, she offers us a glimpse into different cultures and real everyday life in, often, wartorn countries.


Who are your favourite authors?

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