Zoe and Beans: Pants On The Moon

Posted July 16, 2012

Genres: Picture Books
Back in February Liz and the kids reviewed  Zoe and Beans: The Magic Hoop. Today Liz reviews another Macmillan book in the Zoe and Beans series…. Zoe and Beans: Pants On The Moon
What a great book! I’d never even heard of Zoe and Beans until we were sent ‘The Magic Hoop’ a few months ago. Since then I’ve become a convert. This new book ‘Pants on the Moon’ is my favourite and we have read it over and over again since receiving it.
It always amazes me how authors can write a simple story, consisting of a couple of hundred words, and make it so readable and enjoyable to children of different ages. Father and daughter team, Chloë and Mick Inkpen have the talent to do this in bucketfuls. Not only do they keep the kids entertained but I have to admit to quite enjoying them myself (for example, the airline called ‘Squeezyjet’).
Sophie is thirteen months and loves books. She constantly brings this book to me and plonks herself down on my knee. We read pretty quickly and she loves touching the illustrations. They are big enough that she can explore them with her chubby little fingers, and there aren’t many on each page so she can process them quite easily.
Jonny is three and I think the ‘Zoe and Beans’ series really hits the mark for him. The writing is set out in different ways on each page and there are the perfect number of words to read and look at the illustrations without him getting bored. The pictures seem to illustrate exactly what is happening in the story and he can now tell us the story instead. Any story about ‘pants’ has to appeal to a young boy’s sense of humour and the fact that one pair stays on the moon (although I would hate to give away the ending) is hilarious to him (and his dad).
The story is bonkers, the illustrations are great. We just love it!
A copy of this book was received for consideration. This has in no way influenced our review, which is, as always, completely honest.