Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat

Customer Reviews :

1. Sturdy chair, well-written directions. My biggest concern in buying this was that it was going to be too wide. Check out the pictures for measurements. Keep in mind that if you extend the legs for someone who’s taller and needs a high start, it will get wider at the base because of the angle.

At this size, with my standard plastic moulded tub/shower, the feet weren’t squarely on the bottom of the tub, but where it started angling up. However, the feet are very flexible and they make full contact. It’s very stable, I tried tipping backwards and there was no way one could accidentally tip back.

2. It has been mentioned in other reviews about the instructions which are a bit confusing. Best to assemble by referring to the complete color photo of the chair on the front cover. First look at the seat closely and you will notice two indentations that mark the front of the shower chair bath seat.

You will also notice each leg shows the rivets that support the side rails also facing front. Just install each leg that way so the side rails fit and it all goes together nicely. It’s not rocket science but it sure seems that way from the instructions.

There was mention by one reviewer about the cross-section screw which the instructions refer to as the “shortest screw”. This is confusing as it is really the longer one of the 5 short screws. The chair itself is fairly stable and does work well once it is all put together. Short one star because of the poor instructions. More at

Bad Reviews :

1. I bought this for my mother, who had a hip replacement. I suppose if someone has the strength to get into the shower unassisted this would be fine, but honestly, you could buy yourself a plastic lawn chair for as secure as this thing is.

Zero suction on the bottom despite having suction cups at the bottom. And my mother has a standard tub. The whole thing creaks and my mom weighs a whopping 130.

It’s not even worth returning. It’s going to be trashed.

2. I have never been disappointed in a product I bought on Amazon but there is always a first time and this is it. There is only one reason to buy a shower chair….you are disabled and therefore need it. This shower chair came requiring assembly of what seemed like a million pieces. It was completely intimidating. I gave up after hours of trying and asked my son….who is a mechanical engineer….for help putting it together….and he said words that I can’t include here.

So just know that if you buy this product you will need professional help in assembling it and as a disabled person, you will not be able to do this by yourself. You would be much better off taking an Uber to the local pharmacy or medical supply company and buying one assembled. If I could give this a zero I would.